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Medical Sales Training Nick Fifield

Nick Fifield - Director

In 2018 I moved from Melbourne to Queenstown, New Zealand. This provided the catalyst to establish my own consultancy Flux Capacity - www.fluxcapacity.co.nz

Having enjoyed a 15 years career in sales and sales training within pharmaceuticals and medical devices, I established MedicalSales.co.nz to apply my industry experience and specifically address the needs to training need within commercial healthcare.

Given the critical importance of what we ask our sales people to do each day, I feel our industry has an even greater responsibility to ensure our people are well prepared both clinically and commercially to face the increasing challenges being presented to them.

Medical device product and pharmaceutical sales training Australia & New Zealand

To be present in operating theatres or any clinical environment is always a privilege, advising surgeons and healthcare professionals to offer patients the best and most ethical care is a serious responsibility. Appropriate training is at the heart of the role of a medical sales representative.

 I have had some incredible opportunities throughout my career within some amazing companies, I've sold at the front line in consulting rooms and operating theatres and have acting in leadership roles through major industry mergers.

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